Angel of...

I have finally realized
that I'm here for something
Tried twice and couldn't leave
If I could, I would try to save everyone
Now I'm trying constantly
and feel like I can't stay
Maybe I am here to brighten someones day
To hold a conversation so good that will make a person want to
live, give or try harder to succeed
Or maybe just to brush ones shoulder
I wonder everyday, while I watch the world grow colder
When and who am I suppose to help?
Things happen for certain reasons
People make mistakes, so they can learn from them and do it all over again
I am only 15 and I feel like I've been here forever
and felt everyone's pain
Slavery, drug addictions, diseases, wars, tiredness, sadness and pain
And I know what it all feel like
Well at least how it hurts others
I have a conversation for everybody,
Well at least a thought or an ear to listen
In me you will find a friend,
that is until it is time for me to go
And then you will at least know,
that I finished what I was sent here for.

Brittnay N. Woodward '95/'96

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