The Problem

Welcome to The Problem online. We are a group of enthusiasts, based in The Netherlands, who want to bring creativity and entertainment to the world. On this site you can find lot's of entertaining stuff! AlcoRhythm and Infinity started it all up and were quickly joined by Tao. We started as an Amiga music group and released mainly ProTracker MODs, with which The Problem built up a good reputation in the Dutch BBS scene.

When we moved on to the Internet, we not only expanded our geological horizons, but also our creative ones. We entered the field of (Amiga) computer programming, graphics, story-telling, web-designing and MIDI music composing.

Here is our current list of members:

AlcoRhythm The Netherlands Alco Lammers Info
Infinity The Netherlands William Westrum Info
Tao The Netherlands Thijs Stalenhoef Info
Granny Sweden Herman Dackenberg Info
Il Sergio Italy Sergio Della Guardia Info
Wanda The Netherlands - Info
CSilla The Netherlands - Info

The Problem's main field of interest is electronic music and the Amiga. All of us are real dance/techno/trance freaks. On this site we regularly release our new work in the form of MIDs, MP3's and MODs. We also develop software for Amiga computers. Everything we make is free to download from this site! Next to downloadable items, we have a lot of online entertainment for you in the form of funny stories, enlightning poetry, informative articles and honest reviews!

From the main page of this site, you have access to the following sections:

This is what you are reading now. Just to let you know where you are and who we are.

This is the audio section. Here you can find information about our music releases and related topics.

This is the computer software section. Here you can find information about our Amiga software releases and related topics.

Probe Magazine
This is an online lifestyle-magazine. In it, you can explore a lot of different articles on different subjects, funny stories, (computer)art, poetry and anything else you can imagine! It's a website on it's own!

Transfer Station
This is the download area. From here you have direct and easy access to all downloadable items, including MODs, MIDs, MP3-files, Amiga software and text.

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For any reactions, suggestions, complaints or ideas regarding our site or our releases, please send e-mail to any or all of our members! If you want to help us out with articles, stories, reviews, art or anything else, also don't hesitate to let us know!