ProGUIDE Mult!med!a Browser


Here's a small list of some inportant features...

  • All colours in the palette can be used for text. Text can change colour and fontstyle anywhere at anytime.
  • Pictures can be placed with transparent background colour or as solids.
  • Pictures can be used as single backdrop picture or pattern.
  • The font used, can change anywhere on the page.
  • You can create links to nodes or commands!
  • Active picture areas can be created with pixel accuracy and can be linked to nodes or commands! Areas can be set to automatically surround a certain picture too.
  • Pictures can be PASTEd to the screen so that they do not go away when you move to another page.
  • ProGUIDE has a powerful and extensive messageport system that enables programmers to communicate with ProGUIDE!
  • With it comes a part of Probe to prove that it is actually true that it was written in ProGUIDE. Included is the complete 'Information' section of Probe 1: Global Expansion in ProGUIDE format.
  • Text over images, images over text, text over text and images over images is possible all the way!
  • Also included are very extensive user- and developer's manuals (in ProGUIDE format ofcourse). Plus a number of example Guides.
  • ProGUIDE can be used to view AmigaGuide files too (most of the time).
  • Colormaps (palettes) can be loaded or inserted any time.
  • ProGUIDE comes with some handy tools to ease up writing Guides.
  • Files are not left open when you are reading, so you can edit Guides while they are loaded in ProGUIDE.
  • Guides can have their own 'preferred screenmode' set inside the guide.
  • Links to nodes in external guides are supported.
  • All AGA screenmodes are available. Big screens will autoscroll. Screenmode can be changed anytime.
  • The screen can be faded in or out.
  • ProGUIDE is a commodity, and can be terminated with exchange...
  • Text can be aligned in several ways, plus there are pixelprecise location commands.
  • Most AmigaGUIDE commands are supported, with a lot added to them like: @{p}, @{..CLINK..}, @SYSTEM, @CALL, @REQUEST, @RETRACE, @WAIT, @PATTERN, @BACK, @IMAGE, @PAL, @SCREEN, @AREA, @ALIGN, @LBORDER, @SKIP, @PANEL, and many more. All commands are in the same, easy to use format.
  • etc...

The ProGUIDE program and this HTML file were created by AlcoRhythm of The Problem ©Copyright by The Problem.
This is just a selection of features... There's always more!