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ProDUMP v2.0

The Problem released ProDUMP v1.0 a while ago, and it proved itself useful. Therefore AlcoRhythm has come up with a completely rewritten version of ProDUMP. A new GUI, lot's of new features and a generally better working program is the result!

ProDUMP... In Short

ProDUMP is a MIDI sampledump program with an integrated sample-editor for Amiga. It can receive data from MIDI SDS standard samplers and send it back via MIDI to such a device. It let's you edit the sampledata in the original resolution. It can also convert samples between various resolutions and fileformats such as SDS, IFF 8SVX, WAV and RAW. ProDUMP can handle and replay samples with any bitresolution between 6 and 28 bits per sample.

MIDI Support

A big improvement over version one is that ProDUMP v2.0 uses the midi.library for it's communication with MIDI devices. That means that ProDUMP can now run in parallel with other MIDI programs, using the same serial port MIDI interface. ProDUMP can send and receive sampledumps in SDS format from any device that supports them. Dump Requests are also supported (both to and from the MIDI device).

User Interface

ProDUMP v2.0 looks and feels like a standard sample editor, with all the functions you would expect from such a tool. All the standard editing features are there, such as COPY, CUT and PASTE. MIDI is completely integrated in the program, and very easy to use. With a standard screenmode requester you can choose your favourite screenmode to run ProDUMP in.

ProDUMP Screenshot (Middle part of screen)

Sample Editor

With the newly added sample-editor you can set ranges for functions like copy, cut, paste, keep, delete and clear. Ranges can be created with the left mouse-button, or moved with the right mouse-button. There's also a volume editor with fade functionallity. Samples can be scaled to a new size (-1 octave to +1 octave). There's an automnatic volume maximize function (maximum volume without clipping). You can let ProDUMP find loop points for you. Ofcourse there are reverse and invert options, together with a simple lowpass filter. All functions operate on the range, and if there is no range, they operate on the entire sample. Samples can be of any resolution.


ProDUMP can replay samples from within ProDUMP, using 8bit Amiga audio, for easy editing of loop points and ranges. Samples can be any size, any bitresolution and use any sampling frequency. ProDUMP will calculate a preview sample, and will simply reduce the replay soundquality if samples are too long.

File Format Support

The loading and saving of various fileformats is supported. ProDUMP can load and save in the following formats:

ProDUMP Screenshot (Bottom part of screen)

System Requirements

To use ProDUMP you should own an Amiga with as much memory as possible. The more memory, the bigger the samples can be. If you have an FPU, you can use the included FPU version, which will speed up some parts of the program.


ProDUMP v2.0, just like verion 1, is completely and totally free. You can download it at this site from the Transfer Station, or at the bottom of this page. ProDUMP v2.0 is distributed in an archive containing the following files:

ProDUMP.68000 Executable for 68000 Amigas or better.
ProDUMP.68020 Executable for 68020 Amigas or better.
ProDUMP.fpu Executable 68020 Amigas or better with a math coprocessor.
ProDUMP.Guide A very extensive manual in AmigaGuide format.
ReadMe.txt Installation notes.
ProDUMP_Install An install script.
exsample.wav Example sound for testing.


To download, click on the picture below, or go to the Transfer Station.

Download ProDUMP v2.0

ProDUMP was written by AlcoRhythm of The Problem, as was this page.
To read about ProDUMP version 1.0, take a look in here.
ProDUMP and this page ©Copyright 1998 by The Problem.