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urrently under development by The Problem is a MIDI sequencer, especially aimed at live performance. It is completely dedicated to performing live on-stage, and allows for improvisation and live-mixing of music. Sequences can be pre-recorded and live-mixed, or sequences can be recorded and played back on-stage in realtime, seamlessly.

The current stage of development makes it impossible to tell you much about it. Don't expect this program to be released within a short period of time. Once it is finished, you will know through this webpage.

Some of the features we have in mind:

  • Instant Replay Recording. Play a preset number of bars. ProSEQ will record them, and start loop-playing them back while you play. The new information is also recorded and played back. This way you can build a song on-stage, completely from scratch, or starting from pre-recorded sequences.
  • Automatic transposing features. Sequences can be made to automatically transpose to a note hit on the keyboard. Also with chord-recognition. Record different sequences for different chords.
  • Drag and drop interface where possible. Sequences can be dropped onto a timeline while playing or recording.
  • Virtually all function of the program can be controlled via user-definable MIDI messages (any kind).
  • Realtime effect such as quantise are ofcourse available.
  • Much more... If you have an idea as to what the ideal sequencer should look like, don't be holding it back: tell us.

ProSEQ will be developed for Amiga and BeOS. More news here, when it becomes available (not too soon). (And not for PC, hehe -WEd).

The information on this page is all preliminary. Do not make any assumtions about ProSEQ, until we have a more clear picture of it ourselves...