What Is Probe Magazine?
This is only a no-nonsense information page... so if you want to have fun, check out the rest of Probe and skip this! -WEd. (Thanks bozo! -AlcoRhythm).

Probe Magazine started out as a big disk-magazine project for the Amiga. In the magazine there are articles about all sorts of topics such as dinosaur extinction, new computer hardware/software, Linux (esp. for Amiga), doom-clones, reviews (of clubs, parties, records and games) and even a course in speaking Italian. Also there are lot's of humourous stories and gags in the magazine. Lot's of unexpected things can happen when browsing through the magazine.

The first and only issue of this magazine was released some time ago (it can still be downloaded from the Transfer Station of this site) but there was never a sequal. This was caused by the fact that nobody within The Problem, including myself actually), ever lifted a finger for this project again. The first issue took almost a year to produce, and it proved to be next to impossible to continue releasing subsequent issues as we had planned (once every three months was the original plan!).

In the meantime we set up this website, and decided to put an online version of the magazine on it. Ofcourse all the gags and tricks had to be removed, because Probe Magazine ran using The Problem's ProGUIDE, not HTML, which allows for much more trickery. Still we were planning to release Issue two of the real magazine. Since the second issue also never got started, I decided to brush up the online version a bit and... well... here it is!

Online you can find the complete editions of all the stories that were released in the first issue of the magazine, so of you who read the real magazine will finally find out how the stories end! Also there are new items and articles. An american friend of The Problem, Brittnay Woodward from Atlanta, GA, USA, is publishing her excellent poetry work in Probe Online and The Problem will also release new stories. In short: Probe is back, and this time it will stay!

And if you are reading this, and you wish to publish your work here too... don't wait and contact The Problem today!

The real magazine in ProGUIDE form will not be continued until we find more time to work at it. Also we are in desperate need for some help from people who'd like to do the layout, graphics or articles for Probe Magazine.

And now enjoy... Probe Online!

- AlcoRhythm of The Problem

Probe Magazine by The Problem!