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It is true! After a two-year development time The Problem's AlcoRhythm finished ProGUIDE: A Multimedia Browser for Amiga. Don't hesitate now! The Problem wants you to look right HERE!

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The Way To Goa Found By The Problem!

'You just have to know where to look'

HQ - After a long time, The Problem finally did what has long been coming! Music was created, not in the form of a MOD, but in a way that The Problem refers to as: 'Advanced Blue Noise Modulation' (ABNM).

One of the several new pieces of equipment - a cool blue synthesizer - has been put to use with great effect for the first time, by AlcoRhythm of The Problem. A Goa Trance style track, named 'Way To Goa' is the result. Although this is the first attempt, The Problem is quite proud of this breakthrough. More on the subject can be found on this site, in Audioscapes. The track is free to download as an MP3 file from the Transfer Station.

Global Expansion

MEANWHILE (BACK HOME) - The Problem thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to re-release some of their older releases now that they have their own web-site. We've already seen this happening with the release of some of the old mods they made. Now, there is another one of those: Global Expansion. Originally this was the backing theme for Probe Magazine Issue 1. The tune was created using the old-style techniques: no synthesizers. You could call it ANWM (Advanced None Whatsoever Modulation). There was only ProTracker back then!
Hi there!

Snacks In Space!

DELTA QUADRANT - In a freak-accident involving the new jumpgate that was recently opened by The Problem in the Delta Quadrant, a bag of Bugles ended up shooting through space at approximately 5 million lightyears per second.

According to Smiths, the inventor of the Bugle snack, it is "absolutely impossible for a Bugle to reach such a velocity while remaining fully edible and tasty". He advises everyone NOT to eat bugles that fall from the sky for no good reason. The bag of bugles is said to have hit the solar panel of an earth-orbiting space station, but The Problem has already said that they can not be held responsable for the damage done. "We can not forbid cyber-travelers to bring Bugles, just as you can't tell them not to breath". Some sillicon-based lifeforms have already demanded an explanation for that last remark: "We think air is just too insubstantial to be of any importance. I'd say this renders air-breathers a waste of the dust from which they came!", one of their official spokescreatures said.

Future Tech - A lot is planned for the near future! The Problem is currently working on several projects at the same time (multi-tasking), the most important being the next issue of Probe Magazine for Amiga. Also underway is a program with which everyone can create amazing looking ProGUIDE's: ProGUIDEditor.
ATLANTA - The popular page 'The Heart & Soul Of Me', by Brittnay Woodward, has been updated with a new poem called 'Spare Me'. You can find it (and it's predecessor) in Probe Online. The next update is already there too, and it's called 'Where Are You?', so you'd better read them now!

AALTEN - TP-member AlcoRhythm has discovered the world of MIDI with his synthesizer and Amiga. The first result of this discovery is an MP3 file that can be downloaded from the Transfer Station on this site.

Also on this site is a new article, written by AlcoRhythm, about the way MIDI relates to Amigas, Bars and Pipes. In it you can find a description of one of the most remarkable music programs ever released: Bars and Pipes Professional from (the late) Blue Ribbon Soundworks for the Amiga range of computers. Take a look in Audioscapes to see it.

ENSCHEDE - The Audioscapes section of the website will be extended with a regularly updated record review page VERY soon (really any minute now I hope -WEd.). The page is managed by The Problem's own DJ Tao.

The new review page has already been announced in Audioscapes. It will feature a host of reviews of good vinyl. All styles are present, so for everyone who has a taste for real house music, this is the place to check out before running off to a recordshop. The page will be updated frequently, so there's always something new to be found!

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