The New New Wilderness

his is a funnytype module! It sports samples taken from the TV show with Lorne Green, and if you like horses you should hear this! I know this sounds like a load of nonsense, but it is true.

Seriously though (HAhahahahaa -Ed.) It's a slow kind of house music, with a melody (the new wilderness tune) that will stay in your head like forever! Eventhough this might seem very annoying to you, rest assured that even we didn't go mental yet...and we've played it millions of times already. We made it 'cause when the series was on TV in Holland, everybody was whistling the tune. Most of them couldn't whistle at all so the streets were filled with awful noises!!! The Problem to the rescue then! Download it NOW at the Transfer Station!

Playing Time : 4 Minutes 33 Seconds
BPM : 110 - 132