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Breakbeat Sample!

The Problem with Music
The Problem is active in three different areas of electronic music production. We started with (Amiga) 4-channel Protracker Mods. Nowadays we also produce music using the fabulous YAMAHA CS1x Control Synthesizer. The results of this are available for downloading in the form of MIDI files and MP3 files.

ProTracker MODs
These files can be played back using Tracker/Player programs that support 8-bit, 4-channel soundtracker/protracker modules. Most of these MODs were composed by AlcoRhythm, Tao and Infinity. Infinity was responsable for most of the samples used in these MODs, while AlcoRhythm and sometimes Tao (formerly known as 'Solution') did the composing. The MODs are what made The Problem to what it is today. It was our first step into electronic music, and we still enjoy making music in this way! On this site you can find many of our old MODs as well as some brand new ones.

MIDI Files
At a later stage, The Problem acquired more sophisticated equipment, most importantly a synthesizer. The YAMAHA CS1x Control Synthesizer gave AlcoRhythm the chance to expand his musical territory. If you own the same type of synthesizer yourself, you can play back the MIDI-files from this site with any MIDI player. If you don't have this synthesizer, there is no point in playing these files, as they are not compatible with other MIDI equipment.

MP3 Files
All music that AlcoRhythm composes with the synthesizer, is also available in MP3 format. Ofcourse these files are much larger, but they require no special extra hardware, except for a fast enough computer. Any MP3 decoder/player will do.

Most of our songs fit the Trance classification, although it should be noted that this is a very broad term! Other styles you will encounter are Drum-n-Bass and Club.

Breakbeat Sample!

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