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Breakbeat Sample!

Not Everyone Understands House...

"It's A Soul Thing!"

The Problem with Music

How do The Problem and this site relate to music?

Amiga, MIDI, Bars and Pipes

What's the connection?

About Mods:

Download Protracker Modules

Here are all downloadable Protracker modules made by The Problem!

Info about Pylon
Info about Global Expansion
Info about Happy Doop Family Fun Pack! all about them!

About MP3 and MIDI:

Download MP3 Files

Download MIDI Files

The Problem releases MIDI files and MP3 files too.
All MP3 files are also available as MIDI files.
Our MIDI files can only be played if you own a YAMAHA CS1x Control Synthesizer.
If you don't have one, you need to go for the MP3 versions!
Info about Way To Goa

Breakbeat Sample!