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Doop - Doop & Huckleberry Jam Doop Original Product
Old style woman!? There are only a few people in the world who can release a commercial house record called 'Doop' or (even better) 'Huckleberry Jam' and come out a winner! The samples used in these tracks (lot's of them) are from the old 50's big bands... and they are great! Hearing these tracks is like listening to someone laughing: you can't help but smile when you hear this. However, these tracks are by no means a joke (no sir!). Both tracks are extremely well put together by the guys from Doop (from Holland ofcourse!). No wonder that we from The Problem replicated 'Doop' in a ProTracker mod immediately after we heard it... a year before it hit the charts in The Netherlands! And that, my friends, was NOT an easy thing to do!
This track consists of a swinging clarinet, a tootin' trumpet, and the most outrageous old-style drums you've ever experienced. It's one big swinging party... and there is a real live dancebeat to make it a real sunny event!
Huckleberry Jam
The ingredients for Huckleberry Jam are a little different from those of 'Doop'. Here the Harmonica rules, together with some really old singing folks. The same sunny atmosphere though! The oldies atmosphere is amplified by the sound of a steam-train (but we are unsure how that relates to a jar of squashed huckleberries...).
Original Title : Doop
Original Artist: Doop
Playing Time : 3:27
BPM : 130
Original Title : Huckleberry Jam
Original Artist: Doop
Playing Time : 4:52
BPM : 149

It doesn't come as a surprise to us that Doop were the only ones that ever released tracks like these... they are probably the only ones who can do it without getting laughed at! And now party on everyone: get your behinds to the Transfer Station and DOWNLOAD these tunes!

Doop and Huckleberry Jam are ©opyright by Doop. The mods and this HTML created by The Problem.