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Global Expansion

The story behind this one is a complicated one. If you read the Trip To London, you already know some of it.

hree members of The Problem (TP) went to London for a holiday and returned with a tape they bought from some strange looking bloke on Leicester Square. At first they thought the tape contained only 1 or 2 minutes of music and that they had been ripped off. This was because the day after, they passed the same man playing exactly the same piece of music they had heard when they bought the tape. The guy was constantly reversing the tape, so it could be that there was only a few minutes of music on each side.

When AlcoRhythm, Tao (at that time still called Solution) and Infinity finally came home and listened to the tape it turned out that this wasn't true. In fact it was 90 minutes of pure, banging Goa: Psychedelic Trance. A style none of them had heard before! Immediately a plan was born to make a module in a similar style. That is what Global Expansion is: over nine minutes of Trance.

Global Expansion was the title of the first issue of Probe Magazine, and the module was the theme for it. The module was finished on October the 7th 1995, after a long(!) time of not releasing anything. Still, Probe Issue 1 was not finished by a long shot, so the module remained un-released for about a year. When Probe Magazine was finally released, the mod was still souding quite up-to-date.... and in fact it still is, so that's why it is now released seperately for all those people fortunate enough to 'hit' The Problem's site! The music can be downloaded as a Protracker Module from the Transfer Station of this site.

Title     : Global Expansion
Duration  : 9 Minutes and 16 Seconds
Style     : Trance
Composers : AlcoRhythm, Tao (Solution at that time)

More about Probe Magazine, and some online articles (including the 'Trip To London' mentioned above) can be found on this site, in Probe.

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