Way To Goa!

The first letter of the alphabet! world-premier! AlcoRhythm of The Problem used the YAMAHA CS1x synthesizer to create this Goa Trance style track. It can be downloaded from the Transfer Station as a MP3 file. With this first non-MOD track, a new age of The Problem music has arrived!

Way To Goa, as the track is called, was created using the mentioned synthesizer and an running Bars And Pipes Professional. The atmosphere of the track is mostly determined by the 'shamishen' sound with which it starts.

Ofcourse AlcoRhythm would like to get a massive response from people all over the world about what they think about this first attempt. There will be more MP3 releases!

BPM: 150
Time: 4 Minutes and some 50 seconds!

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Way To Goa and this page created by AlcoRhythm of The Problem!
The original CS1x MIDI file can be downloaded from the CS1x Archive.