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A new module by The Problem.
This time it's a looping module!
Very rare for a 'The Problem' module,
so here's a change for a unique experience.

The tune starts of with a weirdo sound
that sounds very... well, weird.
After that a 'vibes' sound makes it a little weirder which is cool (weird! -WEd.).
Then everything turns Trancy,
and a nice dream-chord sound will
take you up one level and you'll start to... !

The mod was originally meant to be the backing theme of a new demo. The demo was canceled, or at least that's what we think since we haven't seen anything... Now here is the tune, without the demo, for you to download at the Trance-fer Station. Don't miss this one!

Included with the module is a brand new guide with some exclusive information about The Problem!
The tune 'Pylon' and this colourful page were created by AlcoRhythm on his Amiga!