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Some real west-european high-energy ClubTrance!
Tempo: 142 BPM
Length: 5m 32s
Size: 5.1Mb

Synthetic Universe

Cross between ClubTrance and Goa. Very cool combination!
Tempo : 150 BPM
Length: 6m 16s
Size : 5.8Mb

Post Immortal Paradox Anomaly

Hard trance track with ripping bassline!
Tempo: 158 BPM
Length: 4m 42s
Size: 4.3Mb


Fast melodic trance with great break!
Tempo : 156 BPM
Length: 6m 47s
Size : 6.3Mb


Happy club trance track!
Tempo: 142 BPM
Length: 5m 32s
Size: 5.1Mb

FSF: Fly, Sausage! Fly!

As the title suggests, this is a psychedelic trance track with an oriental touch!(?)
Tempo : 150 BPM
Length: 5m 18s
Size : 4.8Mb

Summer Fever

Funky type of groove produced and written by The East West Connection. A collaboration between AlcoRhythm of The Problem and P.A.Groove of Groove Productions!
Tempo: 140 BPM
Length: 8m 09s
Size: 7.5Mb

Who's Afraid Of Beeps Beats and Blue?

Some Goa/Hard trance to inflict on your speakers!
Tempo : 150 BPM
Length: 5m 04s
Size : 4.6Mb

Planning 98

1998 Drum & Bass style remake of the classic The Problem MOD Long Term.
Tempo: 172 BPM
Length: 4m 12s
Size: 3.9Mb

Approaching Sunrise

This is the kind of music we like to refer to as 'Morning Music'. Perfect for after(the)party!
Tempo : 150 BPM
Length: 6m 55s
Size : 6.1Mb

Way To Goa

The first ever Goa Trance track created by AlcoRhythm with CS1x!
Tempo: 150 BPM
Length: 5m 11s
Size: 4.8Mb
All files are encoded with 128 kbit/sec.
If you happen to own a CS1x Synthesizer, you can also download as MIDI-files (see MIDI)

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