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RealTime CS1x Editor!

The coolest CS1x Editor for Amiga, by AlcoRhythm!
Edit all parameters of this great synth in real time!
(LHA Archive, 159 Kilobytes)


The Problem's Multimedia Browser!!! Enjoy a world of interactive media!
Much more information right here.
(LHA Archive, 1.17 Megabytes)

Probe 1

The first issue of the diskmagazine: Global Expansion! More info and some online material here.
(LHA Archive, 2.6 Megabytes)


Handy and small sampledump program for Sample Dump Standard. Read more about it here.
(LHA Archive, 42 Kilobytes)

ProDUMP v2.0

Totally new version of the sample- dump/editing program!
Read more about it here.
(LHA Archive, 509 Kilobytes)

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