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The Problem's view at Injected With A Poison. A remix at 150 BPM!
(LHA Archive, 266 Kilobytes)

Synchronized Minds

An oldy with lot's of melody and synthy sounds! One of our all-time favourites!
(LHA Archive, 173 Kilobytes)

Short Dick Man

A replica of a track by a group called '20 Fingers'. They scored quite a hit with this track in Holland. As suggested by the title, you can expect some very expicit lyrics in this track!
(LHA Archive, 285 Kilobytes)


Very Trancy mod with a lot of weirdo sounds! Do not miss out on this NEW one and download it now! More about this tune right here.
(LHA Archive, 237 Kilobytes)

Global Expansion

Previously released as the backing theme for Probe Magazine! Read more about this Trance mod here.
(LHA Archive, 199 Kilobytes)


The first one to feature the voice of CSilla.
(LHA Archive, 256 Kilobytes)

Long Term

Ragga-jungle at it's best.
(LHA Archive, 198 Kilobytes)

Get On Down

THE Jazzy club theme.
(LHA Archive, 177 Kilobytes)


The best from our Australia EP. Didgeridoos galore.
(LHA Archive, 194 Kilobytes)


A clubby tune! Featuring the vocal performances of the australian voice of Anita!
(LHA Archive, 249 Kilobytes)

The Mellow Influence

Another The Problem classic! Very cool and relaxed beat, bass and voice. Ambient/Trance at it's very best!
(LHA Archive, 203 Kilobytes)

Floating Sheep

Originally released in the Australia-EP long ago, together with Synchronized Minds! Very happy tune with some really nice sounds!
(LHA Archive, 127 Kilobytes)


The re-release of a Problem-classic! A relaxed tune with a nice E-Piano theme.
(LHA Archive, 164 Kilobytes)

Happy Doop Family Funpack

Two of the happiest house-tunes you've ever heard. Their names say it all: 'Doop' and 'Huckleberry Jam' Read more about this pack here
(LHA Archive, 564 Kilobytes)

Jungle Blaze

Heavy acid-jungle, like The Prodigy.
(LHA Archive, 193 Kilobytes)

Blurred Vision

Dunno, can't see anything.
(LHA Archive, 282 Kilobytes)

Skinnthix 9

Hardcore you know the score... Made to show we know how.
(LHA Archive, 180 Kilobytes)

The New New Wilderness

feat. Lorne Green Previously unreleased remix of the new wilderness theme. More here.
(LHA Archive, 374 Kilobytes)

All modules are standard 4 channel ProTracker modules.

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