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The Problem is always doing lots of stuff at the same time (multitasking). Info about their musical projects can be found here.

  • New MP3 A massive three new MP3 files have been added to the page, and more will follow!

  • Tao's Top Ten now removed! Finally, after successfully not updating it for as long as it existed. We will look for something to replace it with.

  • MIDI The biggest effort goes into creating new songs. Next to that, AlcoRhythm has released an awfully sexy Realtime CS1x Editor for Amiga. It is available from the transfer station of this site. Work is underway to release a second version of the editor with even more control over the greatest blue machine in the world! The other 'big' project in midi would be the sequencer we have planned. It's still no more than a plan. It will probably stay that way, because other things keep coming up.

  • Bars, Pipes, Midi and Amiga AlcoRhythm's page about the Amiga's number one MIDI sequencer 'Bars & Pipes Professional' had proven to be pretty popular. Much positive response was received, and therefore AlcoRhythm is planning to bring you a sequal to this page. A more in-depth view of the program, probably in tutorial style. It can go any other way though, because there are plans for all kinds of info-pages on MIDI.

  • Project BEEP You may believe it or not, but AlcoRhythm has written a working version of a realtime MIDI-controlled groovebox emulator. It squeezes out some of the most awsame soundwaves you can imagine! It's not a real 303, but it does have some ambitions to become one! Use your amiga as a synthesizer/groovebox... it's never been possible before. Anyway, it's all still in a test phase, and it will stay that way for quite some time, until AlcoRhythm has made up his mind about what he wants to do with the program!

None of the projects named here are guaranteed to ever finish. We'll do our best!
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