Chapter 3: Escape
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Gunter grabbed the bullhorn and started "We've got you dolby prologic surrounded! Resistance is useless unless you know a way to escape! Come out of there with your hands up!"

"eeeuh, sir... there is a..."
"Not now Theo! Not now..."
"We do know a way out! SO give us the 20 million, the speedboat and all that, or your viance will be mincefleish!"
"eeeuh, sir... there really is a..."
"Shut up Theo! Can't you see I'm negotiating... OK you men! Storm the building! Theo stays here to keep a watch out!"
"eeeuh Sir! I'm not..."
"Yes you are! Stay here! And don't yell at me like that!"

All the men stormed inside. The door didn't pose to much of a problem since 'they' had cut a large truck-shaped hole in it. Inside it looked excactly like a scene from Dick Tracy or something. "Hey" said Franz "I've seen this once on 'Der Alte'". The hole-shaped truck stood in a corner. It was red and one taillight was broken. The only other two rooms where a small office and some other room that was locked from the view by a big steel door. On the second level was a ring-balcony around the outer edge of the building. This was where 'they' had been standing.

"Give it up you guys! I told you resistance was useless"

No answer.

"euh sir, "


Franz had secured the office. Several used Always Ultra light bandages were found on the premises. "There must be more where this came from!" said Dereck. "Pervert!" "Sjees! This is getting REALLY big! Always Ultra Smuggling! This is getting over our head". Laurent from Interpol had finished checking the second-level ring. "Nothing there Gunt.. eeuh Sir!" All that was left was the big steel door. "Let me handle this sir!" Laurent from Interpol took a big run for speed and crashed into the door, or rather... the door crashed him. "Not even a scratch!" Gunter exclaimed. "Not a SCRATCH! My bloody arm and shoulders are displaced and he calls that 'not a scratch?!?'" "I meant the door..." "Damn zhat German quality steel!" said Laurent from Interpol with a wrinkled face. Gunter drew his gun and fired away on the lock. Bullets ricoched in all directions, one only just missing Laurent from Interpol. "Hey! Whose side are you on anyway!" "From what movie did you steal that line?" "Casablanca? Jurassic Park? Once upon a time in the west? The muppets' day out? I don't know! By the way, the lock is still there...", "Damn that German bullets!" said Gunter. At that moment the door opened from the other side.

"Hands up!"
"stop, it's me..." and it was. "Theo???? Where did you come from?"
"from your blood eeeuh from this room..."

They all went in. It was the lavvy. "see, i tried to tell you all the way... there ARE toilets in this story. i saw the door to these toilets from outside. i saw somebody move through that crack in the wall right here, so i went in, only to find you guys." In the toilets there were even more Always Ultra Lights.

"Wow! Somebody is in big trouble..." said Franz.
"Renate...", said Gunter, "She's got..."
"Yeah we know..."
"Know WHAT Dereck?"
"Eeeuh nothing mister Gunter..."
"I prefer being called Sir, mister"
"Ok, mister Sir, mister!"
"Guys! Look! They broke away one of the toilets! They escaped through the sewers."

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