Chapter 7: Renate
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"Where are you taking me, you fat baboon?!", Renate said to Skaborski.
"Some place nice... And not too expensive..."
"Yeah! Why not?"
"Yippeeee! I've always wanted to see France!"
"Damn! Forgot the special Cyber-Oil for my arm. You stay put!" MS said, as he tied her to some tree, by her hair.
"Hey boss! Back so soon?" said the head employee.
"Yeah, I..." at that moment the light dimmed for a second. The whole building started to shake, rattle and roll. Oh yeah, it rumbled aswell.

"What the f*ck?..."
"Haven't you read the script?"
"No, did you?"
"No! I thought you had..."

Then suddenly the wall of the Super 2000+ tank burst open and big boss stood eye to eye with... BlowerTank 2124 Extra Ultra Gargantuo Extreme (with wings!!!).

"What the f*ck?..."
"What a cliche!" thought the little man that doesn't seem to have a name in this story. Actually that was the last thing he ever thought. The humongous apparatus fired something white and fluffy. It stuck to his face and didn't want to come loose. It sucked bigger time that anything he'd ever encountered in his life. The SuperVac 95 Extra fibers did their job the way they should. .232 seconds later, the little man was no more than a hand full of dust.

Slowly the large tank, made up completely out of used Always that had been in the kettle, dried with Gunters polizei-issue blowdryer and powered by the batteries from the polizei-issue flashlight, rumbled towards MS. "It's time to start... running!" he thought. He ran outside and grabbed Renate from her tree. His private helicopter was waiting.

"Hey boss!" said the pilot "I've been wanting to talk to you about something for a long time now!"
"Not now! Get me outta here!"
"But I just want some..."
"No! Take off now!"
"I want a rise in wages!"
"I want to rise too! UP! Into the sky... NOW!!!"
"Well, OK then. I'll go on foot!"

His Cybernetic arm gently squeezed the pilots head. The pilot dropped on the control panel, but his head got thrown away by Skaborzky. "Now, walk with me!" Renate did what she was told, completely upset by what she had just whitnessed.

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Der Krimi by AlcoRhythm/Tao of The Problem
©Copyright 1998 by The Problem.
Just wish The A-Team was alive to see this!