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The Daily Problem

Back Online!

It's The Problem... and they're back!

After having been offline for some months, we are now finally back online. Our site has been thoroughly revised without changing it's basic looks. On this page you can find information about the most important changes since the time we went offline. A lot has happened!

New Releases:

The RealTime CS1x Editor!!!

Amiga takes control of the Blue stuff!

CODE CENTER - A huge project has been released by AlcoRhythm of The Problem. A realtime CS1x editor for Amiga! The YAMAHA CS1x Control Synthesizer can now be controlled inside and out from trusty Amiga. Access to all parameters in real time, from easily accessible screens. And the best thing of all: the user interface is Blue!

The editor was in development for months non-stop. The editor is available through all the proper channels, such as the Aminet (mus/midi), and the two major CS1x support sites (see Jumpgate for links). Currently the Editor is in it's v1.2 incarnation. All this happened while this site was down. The current version boasts a set of over 20 extensive editors, ranging from effects sections to categorized voicelists with sort and search functions. If you have a CS1x and an Amiga, you certainly need to try it out. Ofcourse, the program can be downloaded from the Transfer Station at this site, or from the list at the top of this page.

Transfer Speed

DELTA QUADRANT - The transfer station now uses FTP links for the bigger files. This should speed-up your downloading of MP3 files! At least, that's what we've heard.

ProDUMP 2.0!

ALGO - Currently available at the Transfer Station is the second version of ProDUMP! A complete rewrite of the first ever MIDI program by The Problem.

This version of ProDUMP features a complete sample editor with lot's of editing funtions and a number of effects. It can load and save in several formats including WAV. There is MIDI support for sending and receiving samples to and from SDS-compatible MIDI samplers. More information about this program, written by AlcoRhythm, right here!

Miracles Happen!

MIRACLELAND - Miracles still happen, be it only in Miracle Land. You will not believe this: Infinity now has his Very Own AMIGA!!! He was already active in the Amiga scene, but up until this moment he never actually owned one!

"I just didn't feel worthy of it. I had to prove to myself (and others) that I was up to owning a real Amiga." an excited Infinity said when he gave up his attempt to strangle this journalist. "I'm still afraid that I'll do something wrong or say the wrong things to it, but all in all I feel that I can take care of this Amiga and give it what it needs." It is unknown where Infinity got his Amiga, but it just happens that Tao reports his Amiga missing. Infinity's Amiga can count on a long and good life with The Problem!

Miracles Happen!


MIRACLELAND - If you think things can't get any weirder, stop reading now! You will probably not survive this shocking message: AlcoRhythm has bought a... PC!!! And ofcourse (what did you expect?) it doesn't work. At all.

The new piece of furniture will serve as a drinking-glass support table. It is a solid midi tower, so it should be possible to support quite a number of glasses. To keep the tea warm, a Pentium II processor is built in! Does this mean that The Problem is now no longer an Amiga group? Well, if you think so, then you should not be reading this! Amiga rules, certainly at The Problem's. However, MUSIC is a platform-independant phenomena so in that way we are certainly not Amiga-ONLY anymore.

Say Hello To Granny!

The Problem now has an official Granny in it's memberlist. It's not the kind of granny that gives you a candy if you show her your school results though! She's not even a she. He's not even old!

Granny is the nickname of the latest addition to the list of The Problem members: Herman Dackenberg. Next to what he's not already, he's also not from Holland. In stead he operates from scandinavian Sweden. Check out our new information page if you want to know more about this interesting character!

Say Hello To WGB Too

A bunch of (mostly) drunk (mostly) weirdos from The Netherlands who call themselves WGB have given us more than enough webspace for this site. Since our own server disappeared (sort of), we are very happy with that! So thanks!

New MP3

Online NOW!

PACKAGING - There are countless new MP3 releases! All created by AlcoRhythm using the amazing Bars&Pipes sequencer and the CS1x synthesizer. So get some coffee, and get downloading! Our new and improved Transfer Station is ready when you are...

We've got two new clubtrance tracks for you, to get you going: Princessa and Tensity. Happy tunes to start with! Then there's a Goa Trance track about a sausage that won't fly, no matter what you yell to it, named FSF! Then we have a co-production between The Problem and Groove Productions called Summer Fever. A funky kind of groove. What would you do with some real Hard Goa named Post-Immortal Paradox Anomaly? It'll be screaming through your speakers! A little more melody, but still pretty rough is Iridescence. Finally there is a 'morning music' style Trance track called Approaching Sunrise, which is extremely cool to listen to after you've listened to the others all night long! All these files can be downloaded from the Transfer Station of this site, or at the top of this page.

Infinity's Project Lost In Time And Space

IUGTLSVL To Be Released Soon

PAL-1200 Scanner DELTA QUADRANT - After the amazing accident we had a while ago with a bag of Bugles falling through hyperspace after going through the jumpgate in the Delta Quadrant, we now have something even more bizar to report. One of our pages suddenly disappeared from our site, and was later found (completely destroyed) in a wastebasket somewhere on a planet that has not yet been discovered.

What all this means is that Infinity's project 'Party Review Page' is lost. So when you go to the section Probe on this site, you will find a void where the project's link used to be. Infinity hadn't updated the page (ever) so there's no real big loss... He's now working on an (even) more interesting project: Infinity's Ultimate Guide To Light, Sound, Video and Laser' (IUGTLSVL for insiders) or something catchy like that. It will be the Ultimate Guide To Light, Sound, Video and Laser (as you probably may have guessed). You will find a virtually endless number of links to manufacturers, distributers and dealers of products in this range. It will be a serious attempt to create the most comprehensive collection of links to information about this subject. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in the technology of the entertainment industry.

Tao's Top Ten Sees Infinity's Project!

And you thought Germans are weird!?

ALLOQUILLOS - I'm reporting to you from the planet that has yet to be discovered. I'm standing next to the wastebasket in which Infinity's project has disappeared, and the most amazing thing just happened. Totally unexpected, and for no good reason other than the fact that it was never updated (ever), Tao's Top Ten page just landed right into the same waste basket.

It's incredible! I know I wouldn't believe it if I told me, but I saw it with my own eyes! Tao's Top Ten page will be greatly missed by the many thousands of people who have been patiently waiting for updates. Hundreds of people have already started to write angry letters to The Problem about this unlikely event. All of the millions of fans out there have seen no more than one update occur during the entire lifespan of this site! It was truly an amazingly stable Top Ten listing. More stable than Unix in it's best days I'd say. The grief-stricken habitants of planet earth face an uncertain future, now that stability itself got tossed aside like this.

Okay, what does all this mean? It means that you will no longer find the link to Tao's Top Ten in Audioscapes, or anywhere else on this site. However, don't be too surprised if it pops up again some day!


WS2 Keyboard/Workstation

Incl: MIDI, Sequencer, 128 sounds, 61 fullsize pressure sensitive keys, case, pedals, etc. In good condition. Call +31 (0)543 475746, or E-Mail to AlcoRhythm.
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