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The Daily Problem
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Slow Updates Are The Problem

FRONT LINE - This website has not been updated recently. That is because The Problem are incredibly busy, and this website is managed mostly by only one person.

The Problem has decided to decrease priority levels on this site in favour of other projects. The goal of this decision is to increase the release-frequency. Much of The Problem's time has gone into this web-site since it was first launched. Therefore the number of other releases has decreased. This also means there is less stuff to talk about on this website, and so the whole system collapses (ahum -WEd.). Ofcourse, when new stuff is released, this is still the first and the best place to get it from! And more releases are underway as we speak!

WEditor discovers The Problem secretly released new module!

Head Story: New Release Detected On This Site!

NEWS DESK - As the main editor of this newspaper I am regularly browsing through this amazing site. Then all of a sudden I find out about a new release, about which I know nothing! The Problem has gone mad, but what can I do?

The new release I discovered is located on the Transfer Station, and is accompanied by a new page in Audioscapes. It is a trance style, four-channel, ProTracker module with an 'Approved by The Problem' stamp on it. The name of the song is 'Pylon'. It's a hasty release, to compensate for the slow updates on this website recently.



It is true! After a two-year development time The Problem's AlcoRhythm finished ProGUIDE: A Multimedia Browser for Amiga. Don't hesitate now! The Problem wants you to look right HERE!

ProGUIDE can be downloaded from the Transfer Station of this site, and it is absolutely FREE! Get it NOW!


Can't find the MP3 files on this site?

People have asked us about the MP3 files we promised. We are working on it, but there are some unforeseen problems. The files will be put online in the Transfer Station as soon as possible. Any references to MP3 files on this site are currently not accurate, since no MP3 files are online at this moment.

Plans exist to add some new pages. One about the CS1x control synthesizer, and one about something completely different... you'll see! Both these pages, as well as the Transfer Station will feature (a lot of) MP3 files and even MPEG-video animations. Just a little while longer, we are working on it!

And what about those Record Reviews?

Right from when we started this web-site we've been announcing that the Audioscapes would be extended with a record-review page, managed by DJ Tao. However, Tao is too busy at the moment to be abled to update this page frequently. Therefore we have, for the time being, decided not to go through with it.

There's is no point in having a review page online that is only rarely updated. The page has already been designed (and it looks pretty damn spiffy! -WEd.) but there is no text yet. If more time becomes available, we will be sure to put the pages online, and keep them (and you) up to date!

Snacks In Space!

DELTA QUADRANT - In a freak-accident involving the new jumpgate that was recently opened by The Problem in the Delta Quadrant, a bag of Bugles ended up shooting through space at approximately 5 million lightyears per second.

According to Smiths, the inventor of the Bugle snack, it is "absolutely impossible for a Bugle to reach such a velocity while remaining fully edible and tasty". He advises everyone NOT to eat bugles that fall from the sky for no good reason. The bag of bugles is said to have hit the solar panel of an earth-orbiting space station, but The Problem has already said that they can not be held responsable for the damage done. "We can not forbid cyber-travelers to bring Bugles, just as you can't tell them not to breath". Some sillicon-based lifeforms have already demanded an explanation for that last remark: "We think air is just too insubstantial to be of any importance. I'd say this renders air-breathers a waste of the dust from which they came!", one of their official spokescreates said.

New Release: Thoughts

BACK THEN - We already anounced it: The Problem are re-releasing some of the old modules for good old times sake. In between new releases we've already seen the re-release of 'Global Expansion', and now another one has been added. The name is 'Thoughts', and it's a relaxed trancy module. When this was released the first time, it was spread through the Dutch BBS's so quickly that we hardly got the chance to distribute it ourselves... our upload-credits greatly suffered from it! Anyway, for everyone who hasn't heard it yet, it is now available from the Transfer Station of this site.

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